Ethereum surges to $182 – Here is Why

It was only yesterday that Ethereum (ETH) broke the $100 mark. And after a series of rapid growth spurts, ETH is now sitting at $183. It is now rapidly approaching the $200 mark at a speed faster than even Ethereum promoters anticipated. Ethereum’s transaction volumes have now reached around 161,000 a day.

No Sleep for Poloniex Traders:

With prices changes every single minute, traders are getting no sleep tonight. There is just too much action and speculation in the market.

At this point, does the well even tell us anything?

Updates and Proof of Stake

The Ethereum network is constantly being improved and at a very rapid pace. Plans are underway to bring Proof of Stake consensus algorithms to Ethereum, potentially making the network faster and less energy consuming. The Metropolis update will the next upgrade to the network.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has more than tripled in size, with the group announcing 86 new members, including

  • Toyota
  •  Samsung,
  • pharmaceuticals giant Merck,
  • investor communications platform Broadridge

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