New Logo & Web Design for FundYourselfNow

Dear Supporters,

We have received some feedback from the public that our logo and site needs some love. We agree with you and over the last few days, we've worked hard to create a new logo & website that will be awesome.

Finally, we completed this final logo design after much internal discussion. We love it and we hope you do it too!

At the same time we also rework the website to make it cleaner and simpler for users. Part of the work has been completed and the website will be fully updated at the beginning of next week.

We want to give our alpha demo site some love, so now it's striking on the landing page.

Finally, we produced a video interview with our team and our advisory board, which will be ready early next week before our crowd starts.

Glad to hear feedback from you guys and you can leave your comments at the bottom!

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