Token Activation Update

Dear Bancor community,

We are going to take a few more days to ensure the stability of the Bancor protocol smart contract, which activates the BNT smart token. BNT will then be exchangeable for ETH and vice versa, directly through the smart contract, with new BNT being automatically issued when purchased with ETH, and destroyed when liquidated for ETH.

We know everyone is eager to see BNT activated and so are we. The team is working around the clock to ensure this happens in a safe and reliable way. It is important to remember that the Bancor protocol is the first of its kind, so we are taking extra precautions for everyone’s shared success. We take the mandate we’ve been given to protect and evolve the project very seriously.

Stay tuned, we will update as soon as possible and provide 24 hours notice before activation so everyone has a chance to prepare.


The Bancor Devs

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