The District Weekly – August 12th, 2017

News and updates from the district0x Network

The District Daily has been rebranded. We do this roundup once a week, covering the latest news and updates from around the district0x Network, so welcome to the inaugural District Weekly!

Another week of rapid growth and all time highs has unfolded in the cryptocurrency space. As the team here at district0x steps into our own period of growth, we expect development to continue at a breakneck pace.

If you’re holding district0x Network Tokens, be sure to signal for the marketplace you would like to see built and deployed by the district0x Team following the launch of Meme Factory by using the district0x Voting dApp.

district0x Network News

New District Proposals

  • MassZone Plugins – A marketplace for plugins
  • DecPrint – A marketplace for 3D printing blueprints and designs
  • Clean Party – A district establishing a new US political party
  • OSSx – A marketplace for open source software
  • RepEx – A decentralized reputation exchange
  • – A decentralized e-tickets platform
  • FranchisR – A franchise management district

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