0x Token Sale – Registration Turnout

And Clarification on the Token Sale Requirements

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the ZRX token sale and for the overwhelming show of positive feedback. We are humbled and grateful for your support. You can check if your Ethereum address has been registered here.

Registration Breakdown

  • Total number that entered queue: 30,438
  • Gross number of registrants: 14,394
  • Forged and non-compliant* accounts removed: 601
  • Net number of registrants: 13,793
  • Purchase cap per registrant (day 1) = $24M / 13,793 = $1,736

*accounts that do not satisfy the requirements of our Terms of Sale.

Sybil Attacks

We did our best to eliminate large, obvious abusers in order to get a larger amount of ZRX tokens into the hands of legitimate individual registrants. After a simple analysis, we identified 570 email addresses that were procedurally generated throw aways used for mass registration e.g.


All of these obviously forged accounts have been removed from the registration pool, with the exception of one account per attacker. We understand that our analysis will fail to discover and eliminate 100% of forged accounts. However, our efforts will still lead to a more fair individual purchase cap for all legitimate registrants.

Token Sale Requirements

There will be equal, individually-assigned $1,736 purchase caps for all registrants during the first 24 hours of the ZRX token sale, which will start at 8am PT on August 15. The ETH to USD exchange rate will be locked in during the 24 hours leading up to the sale. To learn more about the token sale structure please see our previous post.

  • If your Ethereum address is registered then you are good to go.
  • The sale will take place through 0xproject.com/sale, which will be available on August 15.
  • You will not need to use the Civic app to go through our purchase flow, but you will need to be registered already. No new people will able to register.

We look forward to seeing you soon! As always, be cautious and triple check (and bookmark!) our official communication channels such as twitter, our blog and website before sending funds to anyone!

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