What is Nexus (NXS) in a Nutshell

Nexus (NXS) aims to allow users to quickly and securely transfer value without an intermediary bank or third party. It intends to build upon and improve on the blockchain protocol. Nexus was founded by Colin Cantrell, son of Jim Cantrell of SpaceX fame. Due to this unique relationship, they also intend to work closely with the aerospace industry.

What is Nexus?

Nexus has three Core Principles:

  1. Efficient and scalable code
  2. Enhanced security
  3. Revolutionary hardware networks

Efficient & Scalable

Built and developed their own specialized database from the ground up called Lower Level Database (LLD). It can drastically improve speed and processing power by organically scaling to handle increasing transactions.

Enhanced Security

Nexus has precautions in place to resist against quantum computer attacks by using large, one-time-use keys and 1024-bit hashes. These two features together should mean a more secure network.

Another feature they have is working together with the Nodes. Nexus allows them to build up “Trust”. Higher “Trust” allows Nexus Nodes to earn a higher reward and thus a larger minting rate.

Revolutionary Hardware Networks

Nexus is in plans to cooperate with the aerospace industry to launch cube satellites into low earth orbit. This allows them to connect users and secure data. Another main selling point of doing this is it allows more freedom from jurisdictions and legal red tape, leading to a fully decentralized internet.

All the above factors contribute to a more resilient alternative to centralized financial institutions.

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