Origin Story

tl;dr Ethdex is a fork of the Øx Protocol. ZRX has been removed and fees are paid in Ether. Improvements have been made to the protocol. We are 100% non-rent seeking.


Our goal is to enable exchange of Ethereum ERC20 tokens in a way that is simple, secure, transparent and fluid.

Why a fork?

Tokening must have a purpose. Ethdex believes many tokens have their place in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is obvious with the current ICO craze that there is a token gold rush. Not all of these tokens are altruistic and many are created purely for forced utility. We believe fees are not the place for a custom token.

The moment will come when the market realises that many of the tokens that exist today have no value.

Competition will drive both Ethdex and Øx to create a great protocol for future Ethereum projects.

The future Governance of the protocol should be determined by the users of the system, the makers and takers. Centralised Relayers accumulating large amounts of voting power may result in misaligned values between users and relayers.

We are not beholden to any VC or investors, there will be no need to make a hard choice between our users and our investors (hint we have none).

What prevents a fork of a fork?

Nothing, go ahead!

Who are we?

Ethdex is compromised of a small team of engineers with history and experience in cryptography. Our work can be seen on Github. More details to come.

Protocol Improvements (so far)

  • Ether fees: If a relayer is involved they can request fees in Ether.
  • Multi-relayer orders: A maker can submit the same order to multiple relayers.
  • Fluid: Since no hidden trades (eg ETH->ZRX) to pay relayers, Ethdex is more optimised than Øx.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the Ethdex project, feel free to contact us. More details to come.

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