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Blockchain Technology is growing day by day and it is disrupting the world we live in. Blockchain token economy is making possible to tokenize everything we see in the world. Real estate is one of the areas when it comes to the use of Blockchain technology. Real estate has been the biggest asset class of the world for centuries and point of attraction when it comes to investment and value store. But this industry has its own challenges due to a variety of reasons like property registering, Laws and Jurisdiction and intermediaries. ATLANT is a project which uses the Ethereum Blockchain to make a difference in the real estate industry by enabling peer to peer rental deals and eliminating middlemen, decentralizing registering property contracts on blockchain and tokenizing real estate property

Current Scenario

Real-estate has been the biggest wealth creator of all time but it has kept away small investors away from its due to the magnitude of investment it requires to own the property and intermediaries involved in the property deals. it is tough to acquire property in your own country and much more difficult to buy property overseas. There is no such global platform where buyers and sellers can come together and buy and sell properties without the problem of language, laws, jurisdiction, administration and third parties involvement. Unlike the stocks, Real estate is not highly liquid in nature.

When it comes to the Long and short term real estate rental business it has its own problems. So called P2P rental services like Airbnb are not truly P2P in nature. There is always a middleman involved in form of property manager, guarantor and dispute resolver. The entire system is centralized and has trust and reputation problems. The reviews that we see on the platform can be fake and manipulated by the system owner due to the centralized nature of the platform. Over and above this, P2P service provider charges high fees to both parties on renting

Unique offerings by Atlant

Atlant brings the decentralization and transparency to the real estate industry by using Ethereum Blockchain technology. Atlant platform allows the tokenization of real estate property on the Atlant platform and allows it trade easily just like trading normal stock on the stock exchange which provides the high liquidity to real estate properties. A small investor can also buy tokens to have the partial ownership in the listed property in all legal way. The process is quite simple. Atlant token(ATL) holders decide on which property to invest by the decentralized voting mechanism. After the documentation is done by following all legal procedures, the document is stored on the Blockchain which has all the details of the contract in form of hash. As the entire thing is on the Blockchain it is highly secure and immutable. It is also very easy to track and transfer ownership unlike centralized mechanism of the land registry which is age old and difficult to track. ADEX will be the decentralized exchange to trade property tokens issued on the Ethereum Blockchain

Atlant has also found the solution for the centralized P2P rental industry by using the decentralized Blockchain which focuses on the elimination of third parties, fake reviews, and disputes.

A lessor who wants to list the property has to put some security in escrow to eliminate abuse of the platform and build trust in the system and also has to provide real world identity. The platform also takes care of the fake reviews (Sybil attack) by using decentralize rating mechanism. Reviews are digitally signed by the reviewer and validated by transactions which are linked on the Blockchain. For any dispute resolution, the platform has a decentralized Voting mechanism. If the Host is found not satisfactory by tenant then he will be penalized and penalty will be deducted from the escrow of the host. This system is self-regulating and do not require any third-party

Why should you participate in Atlant?

· ATLANT will be the tough competition to the platform like Airbnb and can be widely accepted real estate platform in future

· As the platform use will increase it will appreciate the value of Atlant Token

· As a Token holder one can run the Atlant Node on the computer and are eligible to get some percentage of listed property tokens

· Rental fee from the P2P will be distributed to Atlant token holders who runs the Atlant Node

· Voting rights are given to ATL token holders to take important decision on the platform

Atlant ICO starts on 7th September with starting price of 1 ETH= 505 ATL with some structured bonus

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